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Akrotiri- A must to visit in Santorini

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A Must Visit to Akrotiri

Santorini has so much to offer.  However, there is one experience that may be skipped if you have not done any research.  Akrotiri.  Yes, right on the island is an archaeological site for you to explore! It’s easy to get caught up in Santorini with all the beautiful views, the water, shopping and beaches.  But don’t skip this part of ancient history!

The excavations began back in 1860 and continue today.  What has been excavated? A civilization of the late Minoan people from 16 BC. However, they have also discovered evidence that the area dates back to 4 BC.  This area was noted to be the main urban centers and ports of the Aegean Sea.

What you will see at Akrotiri

In the 17 century Santorini was covered by volcanic ash and the people were forced to evacuate the entire island.  What was covered in this ash was protected.  You will be able to see pottery, paintings, walls and buildings and much more!  For you history lover’s and even if you are not- this is a must see when visiting Santorini!




















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  1. Never thought of Santorini as an archeological site. That would be so fun to do some archeological digging on vacay. Did you uncover anything on the site and how much in USD is the entry fee?

  2. Wow! I love history, so it was very interesting to read about the history of the site and see all the photos! To find out they’ve been digging at that site since 1860 is amazing!

  3. Oh my! This santorini looks a great place to visit. I hope one day i can visit this place.

  4. Great photos! I would love to visit Santorini someday. I had no idea it had so much archaeology to explore.

  5. Constantly in Love w/pics of Greece! It always looks so beautiful! I love it.

  6. I really like how you show the not “instagram pics” side of Santorini. This looks like such an interesting archaeology to discover and really makes Santorini more interesting in my eyes.
    Thanks a lot for this

  7. I’ve read and heard so much about Santorini but had no idea they got an archaeological site in there! Looks really interesting, would love to visit when I make it to Santorini one day 🙂

  8. Amazing! Love when you can mix historical/archeological with great views, good restaurants and sightseeing! Sound like Santorini has it all.

  9. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an archaeologist. Obviously it didn’t turn out that way, but being able to visit one in person would be so fun. Can you imagine all the history you could find there? We have plans to visit Santorini soon; definitely adding this to our list of things to do. Thanks for sharing!

  10. This post sparks my curiosity! Akrotiri reminds me of what happened to Pomepeii. I’ll love to check both of those out in person one day

  11. great post can’t wait to visit 🙂

  12. Even though I’m currently focusing on Asia with my travels, Santorini is on top of my bucket list for the time when I will have returned to Europe. It’s great to see that there’s also Ancient Greek history to be explored on the island. Thanks for sharing this!

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