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Here you will find our travels, experiences and adventures!  I hope you enjoy! There will be blogs written on France, Italy, Ireland, England, Canada, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, Hawaii, Belgium to name a few.  Some blogs will be short and some will be long with details and stories.  Just like travel every experience can be different.  Hop on over to the Food and Wine by Kevin section also.  Kevin will be blogging about our escapades in restaurants and wineries.  He also might have some in our own kitchen! Please leave a comment or any questions in the comment section of each blog post.  I would love to hear from each and everyone of you!

April 15, 2018

Add A Wine Tasting While Traveling

Looking for fun things to add to a travel itinerary?  Attending wine tastings around the world have become a popular item.  Have you considered adding a wine tasting while traveling?  In this article we hope to make you feel comfortable and know what to expect especially if it is your first time wine tasting. Sherrie’s […]

Food & Wine 28 Comments
March 25, 2018

Winter At The Famous Black Sand Beach, Reynisfjara

Leaving the Golden Circle area and heading to Southern Iceland exposes you to some really beautiful sights in the winter.  Passing by many Icelandic horse ranches, waterfalls, snow-covered mountains and plains, the ride itself was worth the trip.  But the one we were headed to was Reynisfjara Iceland the Black Sand Beach.  There are many black […]

Iceland 5 Comments
February 21, 2018

Be Over-Prepared for an Iceland Winter Holiday

If you plan a vacation to Iceland in the winter it is best to be over-prepared for lots of snow and wind.  In one moment you could be enjoying a beautiful sunny day and within minutes the weather can change to a blizzard where you can’t see a thing in front of you!  We discovered […]

Iceland 19 Comments
February 20, 2018

Bruarfoss Waterfall Iceland

The Bruarfoss Waterfall located in the famous Golden Circle of Iceland we had heard had colorful turquoise blue water.  So of course we had to explore! We had a beautiful day to explore the Golden Circle and we tried to take full advantage of every moment.  Important tip- wintertime in Iceland will require you to […]

Iceland 31 Comments
February 8, 2018

Cooking School in Rome

On our last trip to Rome my husband planned and scheduled us a day of cooking school in Rome Italy with the well known Chef Fabio Bongianni (read more about Chef Fabio) .  Really sounds exciting right? Honestly, strangely enough, I was not to thrilled at first. I mean of course I wanted to meet Chef Fabio […]

Italy 19 Comments

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