Cooking School in Rome

On our last trip to Rome my husband planned and scheduled us a day of cooking school in Rome Italy with the well known Chef Fabio Bongianni (read more about Chef Fabio) .  Really sounds exciting right? Honestly, strangely enough, I was not to thrilled at first. I mean of course I wanted to meet Chef Fabio […]

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Italy- Our First European Experience…Hello Assisi

  This is the 2nd installment of our First European Experience in Italy.  Assisi is the holy city where St. Francis was born.  We chose to go to this wonderful place for a few reasons; St. Francis Basilica and Rocca Maggiore Castle.  Now what possibly could happen out of the ordinary here? Assisi Here We […]


Italy- Our First European Experience…Hello Rome

Follow my blog with Bloglovin First European Experience Rome Italy with the family I decided to start a little “story telling”  blog about our first European experience, which was Italy. What brought this on? Throughout the years  I have had family, friends and acquaintances ask about our travels to Europe. I find several are very […]


The Experience Of Tracking Down Some Ancestors

Hello Everyone!, I would have to say out of all the travels we have done, one of the most special moments for me was traveling to Pofi, Italy where my Great Grandfather Giuseppe Fabrizi was born.  It took a lot of research to find ancestors on Ancestry.com and find exactly what town he was from, […]


The Dolomites

The mighty Dolomites in Italy So magnificent and beautiful. Kevin and I went in May 2017 on a private tour with our tour guide who was very friendly and informative. I really had no idea what to expect on this outing. There are times we choose not to do any research before going to specific […]


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