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The Dolomites

The mighty Dolomites in Italy

So magnificent and beautiful. Kevin and I went in May 2017 on a private tour with our tour guide who was very friendly and informative. I really had no idea what to expect on this outing. There are times we choose not to do any research before going to specific places so that we can have some surprises and get the wow factor. This was one of those times. The Dolomites are a vision to be seen, to experience and especially to enjoy. The mountains have a jagged look that gives them their own special personality and distinction. Although we were in Italy you could see the influences of the Swiss and German architecture. The people were very friendly and open to meeting tourist, which we always love to enjoy some conversation with locals.

How do they do that?

I believe this area is a skiers dream and also any other types of outdoor activities. One activity bicycling really amazed me- you have to be in great shape to be able to make it up these mountains- but there were plenty doing it! As we drove through the mountains we continually came across bicyclist sometimes at almost 90 degree angle!  I wish I was in that kind of shape!

Final Travel Notes

We loved our tour for the day, being able to customize the tour is always an extra bonus. If you have the extra funds I highly suggest the day trips you take to be a private or small group tour, you get more out of it and you have less stress. Being an area of Italy we had never explored, I was thrilled with what we experienced.  I would love to go back again to these amazing mountains to stay in beautiful resort high up, secluded and surrounded with all this magnificent beauty!


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Dolomites Italy

Lago Misurina and is just stunning, you don’t want to stop looking or living in the moment of being in the Dolomites!

Dolomites Italy

Dolomites Italy
Dolomites Italy
Dolomites Italy


Here is so great information and facts about the Dolomite region in Italy:  UNESCO WEB SITE 


Dolomites Italy

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