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Kevin’s First Food Blog:

Kevin's Pride and Joy, his very own wine room!

Kevin’s Pride and Joy, his very own wine room!

Sherrie said that I could write a food and wine blog on her page – By all means, thank you very much! It took me a while to figure what to lead off with. So I will start with an introduction on how I learned to cook and my influences.

The first thing that I remember cooking was fried toast for my brother. I need to point out I had to fry the toast because I melted crayons in the toaster (maybe I’ll tell that story later). I was six years old and always an early riser. My parents were and are always work ethic oriented.  My father – God bless him – worked a swing shift most of his life whether it was on the line or in management, he worked.

Back in the day…

When I was young we had three and one-half channels. PBS was the half channel, since it only came in over the antenna we rarely watched.  But when I did I watched Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet Justin Wilson The Cajun Chef (great story about him) and JULIA CHILD-“THE FRENCH CHEF!”

I remember watching professional wrestling and cooking shows, I remember trying wrestling moves with my friends and trying to cook in the kitchen when nobody was looking.

FRIED TOAST – so back to the beginning. My brother and I would get up EARLY on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. I was six and he was two.  Hence, I would pull a chair up to the stove and heat up a cast iron skillet.  Then I would proceed to melt butter in the skillet and fry a piece of bread. Then I would apply more butter and top it off with Karo corn syrup and cut it up for him and make some for myself.

ENTER the mom – Happy that we were safe but worried to death that I would that I would burn me or my brother or start a fire (again another story for another time). Repeatedly told not to do that but I just couldn’t stay away from the stove.

I always watched my mother and grandmother cook and tried to emulate them, sometimes hitting it but sometimes missing the mark.

In the future..

Hopefully, one day I will get it right. Hope you enjoy my future blogs on the food and wine that Sherrie and I enjoy on our travels and even upstairs in our wine room!.  Yes, the photo you see is our own private wine room, I finally got it!

Romantic Valentines Dinner 2017


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