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The Gift Of Travel: Mother-Daughter Trip| Lake Louise

Here we are in the 4th installment of the Gift To Travel series of our Mother-Daughter Trip. Lake Louise Alberta Canada.  It has been a wonderful trip so far with Vancouver, Train ride through the Canadian Rockies and Jasper. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise does not disappoint with our adventurous vacation so far.  In fact, I would say my favorite part of the trip took place here and that was dog sledding.  I believe my Mother would totally agree.

Our adventure begins with a road trip from Jasper to Lake Louise.  Our hotel the Fairmont Chateau is stunning. A perfect resort in the winter.  There are plenty of restaurants, a spa and outdoor activities; Skiing, Horse Sleigh, Ice Skating, Snowshoeing, Ice walk, Cross Country skiing, Snowmobiling and more!

My Mother and I had two days here and we tried our hardest to make the best of them.  Although, we both stated we would love to return here someday. Two days is not enough to throughly enjoy the area.  I would also love to see it in the summer.  The Lake is featured in photographs to be a stunning turquoise color.  Interesting fact about the lake and hotel; drink the tap water it is amazingly delicious and you guessed it- it’s from the lake!

Showing you in photographs and video

Below are some photographs of our Mother-Daughter stay.  However, I felt to really get a feel of how much fun we had, I made two videos that are also below.

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise https://travelbyasherrieaffair.com?p=6519

Fairmont Chateau






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  1. Wow what an adventure! It must be awesome to do a mother-daughter trip 🙂 That has to be the only reason I would like my daughter to grow up – to be able to take her on such a trip!! she is 8 and we do go on day trips together (with Daddy and brother staying together) I Love it! I love the picture of the hotel in the snow and a trip on a dog sleigh so amazing!!!

  2. Using a video or photos to show your adventure is amazing, great idea. Looks like you had a great experience and we’d like to try something like that. Thanks 🙂

  3. The photographs are amazing especially the place where you stayed. Hope you both had a great time. Wishing you more amazing journeys this year also.

  4. This looks so beautiful! Seems like you had a great time. I think I should come and visit someday too 🙂

  5. amazing views on the video. I fell in love with snowy mountains and lovely doggies. seems like an amazing experience you had with your daughter!

  6. Dog sledding sounds like so much fun! I would love to try that someday. I love that you travel with your mom! My mom is my favorite travel buddy (we went to Scotland and Ireland last fall together).

  7. Wow, what a lovely scene. Snow, mountains, trees, ice sculpture, horse, and carriage! Love it.

  8. Wow! Looks like both of you had a super fun trip! Your pictures and videos have made me fall in love with the place. The views are simply breathtaking and those dogs are really cute. Fairmont Chateau looks lovely with all those splendid wintry views around!

  9. I’m dying to go dog sledding someday! Looks like such an amazing experience!

  10. Followingtherivera January 31, 2018 at 5:17 am Reply

    Jasper looks so pretty, but cold, in all that snow. It looks like you had a great mother-daughter day trip. It’s really inspired me to do more with mine too! Beautiful photos as always!

  11. I would love to visit Lake Louise. The dog sledding looks fun. Really enjoyed the video. Looks like you guys had an awesome time. Thank you for inspiring me.

  12. The Canadian Rockies are a great destination. We had the pleasure of road tripping through the same area a few years ago, and we loved it. My dream was traveling with my Mom to the Swiss Alps, and we got to do that, too. Such treasured memories!

  13. I absolutely love this series about the trips with your mom! Mother-daughter moments are always so special! Would love to enjoy the beauty of Lake Louise with my sweet mama!!

  14. What a good idea to take vids! I wish my mom were around to take on a trip with me! It’s good to see the good times!

  15. My mom and I are currently planning a mother daughter trip to Paris! I’ve always wanted to go to Lake Louise, though…the dog sledding looks awesome!

  16. Lovely photos. Seems like you guys had a great time. I’m heading to Quebec City Canada soon too. I’ve never been to Alberta though. Would love to make a visit there.

  17. It must have been one of the best experiments having to travel with your parents, especially your favourite. Your pictures of Lake Louise are beautiful and tempting. Living on the other side of Canada, I’ve not been to Alberta yet but I look forward to it this year. It’s on my bucket list, the Canadian Rockies!

  18. What an adventure that you had! I would like to take this kind of trip with my daughter when she grows up. She is as fond of traveling as I am. And I am thinking to do my first solo trip with her soon.Lake Louise particularly stunned me with it’s beauty.

  19. I remember your trip to Vancouver and this looks equally fun. Beautiful place! I can’t wait until my babies are little bit bigger and we can do mother daughter trips to a little bit demanding places. Right now we have to include some kid friendly activities on our trips too, which is fun also for the time being.

  20. Oooooh, that looks really cold! I got the shivers just by watching your photos and YoutTube videos. Riding on a dog sled looks so much fun! We would love to try that.

  21. OMG. The Fairmont Chateau looks like a wonderland. I wonder when I will get to set foot in such places 🙂 I have lived in Vancouver and boy I miss that place so much.

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