Thursday Travel Blogger – My Favorite Travel Destination

Travel bloggers can be your best source to learn about different destinations around the world. It’s like getting ideas, tips and honest reviews all in a one stop shopping. This weekly article is going to give us the insight of my favorite destinations” from some of the best and experienced travel bloggers. Every Thursday you will be able to experience through a travel bloggers writing amazing and exciting destinations! So make sure to check in each Thursday for Thursday Travel Blogger: My Favorite Destination and maybe you will be destined to find your favorite destination!

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My Favorite Destination: Baos de Agua Santa

Baos de Agua Santa is one of our favorite places in South America for many reasons. First, this small Ecuadorian town is found at a much lower altitude than most of the country, which allows higher temperatures and no struggles to breathe. It is also an incredible place that is surrounded by rolling mountains and rushing torrents, ideal for adventure sports enthusiasts or nature lovers like us.
What we loved is that Baos is easily reachable from the capital Quito after a quick 4-hour bus ride across the gorgeous highlands of the country. And if you decide to continue a bit further down the road, you can even enter the Amazon and discover as part of a short trip, the jungle wildlife or visit remote communities living off the grid.
However, our favorite part would undoubtedly be the Swing at the edge of the World… A fun and affordable activity that takes you on a huge swing at the top of a mountain with nothing else ahead (or below) other than a gorgeous fertile valley and a smoky volcano! Finally, what ended stealing our hearts for good, were the several hot water springs that are a result of the local volcanic activity, in which we would relax at the end of each day filled with unforgettable adventures.

My Favorite Destination: New York City

New York City, The City of Dreams, The City that Never Sleeps, The Empire City, Concrete Jungle Where Dreams are Made Of. The self-declared capital of the world is called many things; but it is never called dull. There really is an electricity in the air in NYC. You really do feel the possibilities are endless.
This culturally rich gateway for immigrants is home to ethnic enclaves speaking every language on earth. The aromas of every cuisine from Albania to Zambia wafts through the city streets and the Statue of Liberty lifts her lamp beside the golden door.

It goes without saying there is something for everyone here. Are you’re a culture vulture? There are 113 in the island of Manhattan alone. Ballet, symphony, cinema as varied as the Bosnian and Senegalese Film Festivals. It’s all here.

New York is home to some of the most recognizable and iconic sights, think Times Square, Empire State Building, Lincoln Center and Central Park. The City’s true character, however, lies in its neighborhoods; SOHO, Chelsea, The Upper East and West Sides, Harlem, Little Korea, Chinatown and many, many more.
The clichés are true. You really CAN get a pastrami on rye with mustard at 2 o’ clock in the morning if you want. You can even get it delivered to your apartment which, if you live in The City, is probably a teeny, tiny studio apartment measuring 300 square feet. But you love it anyway because, hey! You’re in New York!